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Company module

Tracks every listed resource company from the five major capital markets around the globe.

The IntierraLive database covers over 68,000 resource-related companies from around the globe. It comprises of approximately 3,900 stock-exchange listed companies and their associated entities.  Every company involved in the discovery or production of minerals is covered - from small exploration players to giant global producers. 


Key Fundamentals Researched & Captured

On a daily basis, our team of researchers receive feeds of stock exchange announcements from five major markets.  These announcements are used to extract key information into the IntierraLive's company database including financials, company structure, background and personnel data. The modules which make up the Company database comprise of:

  • Background
  • Share / Capitalisation
  • Directors and senior personnel
  • Full online library of stock market announcements
  • Financial statements
  • Parent / Subsidiary relationships
  • Property ownerships
  • News stories from industry publishers
  • Capital Raisings 
  • Equity Interests


Every Major Capital Market for Resources Investment Is Covered

We index over 1 million pages of stock exchange announcements each year.

The company database is updated constantly through agreements with global stock market providers.  Feeds are received from the following key capital markets: 

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • London
  • South Africa

Our repository of the stock market reports provides a valuable resource to our clients.  Every key piece of information entered into the database is cross-indexed with a full text document.  This means every piece of vital information can be checked and verified.

For further information, please contact us.